There is an interesting and necessary question in many people’s mind that isn’t there any way to prevent all the natural disasters. Every year they damage so many lives and properties. So why government, scientists and researchers don’t find a way that these will not happen regularly.

Well, we appreciate it. The massacres us. So why nobody find a solution. But if we think deeply we can understand the picture behind this inability.


Natural disasters occur naturally which is called ‘Act of God’ (Black, Henry Campbell (1990). Black’s Law Dictionary (6th Ed.). Saint Paul, Minnesota: West Publishing Co. p. 33. ISBN 0-314-76271-X.).

Which means the creator made the earth by various characteristics. He gave the earth several natural characteristics. Nobody can stop these.


You’ve heard the name of Bermuda Triangle. It is a place where so many aircrafts and ships were being disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Why is this happened?

Later, the mystery is discovered that this mysterious things are occurred due to some special characteristics of that area by creator.

Like this, nature has its own characteristics. For this where is the joint of two tectonic plate earthquake occurs there, where is a river the land besides it is affected by river erosion and flood, coastal areas affected by cyclone etc. All of these happens naturally. This is nature’s rule. So, we can’t stop it.

Now, the question is if we can’t stop it what can we do?


The answer we can’t stop it but we can reduce it’s effect.

Like, we can give early warning in cyclone area so that they can move. We can create dams in flood prone area thus the water can’t come into land easily. We can build our house by following building code and engineering instructions. Thus our house will be safer from earthquake. We can store boulders in riverbank erosion prone areas.

By doing all of these we can lessen the percentage of damage than normal. Such as, previous times when there was less protection like 1974 in 52,720 sq. km areas were affected and 1987 people died. But in 1998 in 1,00,000 sq. km. area were affected more than 1974. But due to more protection 1050 people died. (Source: Journal of the faculty of the environmental science and technology, Okayama University, Vol. 8 No. 1, March 2003).

In this way, we reduce disasters risk and damage by modern technology. Without this we can give relief to effected people to regain their livelihood.


So, you can see that we can’t stop these disasters. But we can reduce its risk, damage and destruction by using scientific and modern equipment’s. So finally we can say that we can’t prevent natural disasters but we can reduce its risk and damage.